Is There an Electric Bike in Your Future?

How fat bike elettrica, recently, have you seen someone whizzing along on an electric bike and thought to yourself, “I really should look into getting one of those for our family?”

You really should, you know. My husband bought a rechargeable electric bike several years ago, primarily to keep up with the grandkids when we went camping, but it is not only handy at the campground, but around the neighborhood at home, too.

His bike, at the time he bought it, cost around $400. Now, prices still run from a bout $399 up, depending on what kind of bike you are looking for and what kind of batteries you plan to use in it.

My husband’s electric bike seems to be holding up very well. Although the battery that came with the bike is the older style lead-acid batter, it has been recharged many times and still works perfectly. Many of the newer electric bikes come with a more advanced type of battery which is much lighter, and more efficient.

At home, we often ride the local bike trail for some exercise, especially on days we are planning to eat out—our way to get rid of a few extra calories before piling more on. At least, I do, since I haven’t gone electric yet and have to pump all the way there and all the way back. If I lag too far behind, my husband pedals for a while until I catch up with him, but he does love to zoom along and watch other bikers eye him enviously as he passes them.

After we get home, my husband plugs his bike in to recharge so it will be ready for his next outing.

When we camp at the lake, he uses a small portable solar panel we carry in our RV to recharge the onboard battery which, in turn, recharges his bike for him. The grandkids love to recharge grandpa’s bike for him. Of course, now they each want new bikes, too.

Rechargeable electric bikes come in many varieties. There are 20 inch bikes, folding bikes, three-wheeled bikes, and electric bikes that are really more scooters or motorcycles than bikes.

The electric bike at the top of my list so far, is an adorable little red bike with nice baskets for carrying extra gear and a kickstand for parking it. Can’t you just imagine me flying around the lake on my bright red bike with a couple of grandkids pedaling their little legs off trying to keep up with Grandma?

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